Blackseed Oil Blend for Hair & Body

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Blackseed Oil Blend for Hair & Body

Use: create moisture and softness for your hair scalp and body with blended natural oils. 

We wouldn't recommend that you put allybabyhair products on your small toddlers hair and/body due to the potent essential oils used in every product. 

Some essential oil might be too strong for small children under 5 years old. 

Ingredients: A blend of 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Egyptian Black Seed Oil, 100% avocado oil, Argan Oil and other natural oils.


  • Shake well before using.
  • Apply to entire scalp.
  • Then comb or brush.
  • Use on body as well (enjoy the glow and softness from the Argan oil ingredient)
  • Be sure to store in a dark place out of the sunlight

Notes from our CEO

"The only thing that's different from the Body blend and Growth oil is ARGAN OIL. Argan oil makes your hair soft and your skin glow. Add this with our original blend for moisture and you have The AllysEssentials BLACK SEED OIL BLEND FOR HAIR AND BODY"-Ally


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